What we meant to say here is UEFI, correct?


We make no apologies for lame jokes like that. Our only hope is that such lame jokes become better over time. And with our experimental AI script, punchline.exe, they will.


Anyways, if you read our About page, you have an idea of what we are trying to accomplish. But who are we, really? Isn't that a question we could all spend hours contemplating after chewing on a 100mg edible? Here are some brief bios on the actual humans behind this project.

Steve, the Legacy Software Sage!

Steve began his journey in the far-off year of 1992. While not a comprehensive list, Steve has worked with BASIC, Pascal, COBOL, C, C++, C#, Java, J#, csh, ksh, HTML, Perl, and a myriad of old and new languages and formats, working in UNIX and Windows environments. Old, but not obsolete, and still learning! He smoked once in high school, but has recently come to appreciate the mind-expanding value it provides, so he has graduated to smoking, dabbing and edibling (no, that's not a real word) his way through life!

Patty, the Social Media Dank Sorceress!

Patty keeps Steve and the rest of us on keel. As resident stoner expert with a generous spirit, she is familiar with methods, implements of destruction and the myriad products available to the discerning stoner. Patty will manage the social media space for what this site becomes and will surely keep the rest of us on track for what's really important - enjoying good cannabis, not being too distracted, but still having fun!

Colby, the Mediating Meditating Slacker!

Colby knows that after working hard, it's time to play hard. With back-end server admin experience along with database management, Colby provides the interface between the gritty low-level data crunching and the neat and shiny presentation of WPF and Web interfaces. Colby is a recent refugee from California, but none of us hold that against him. His joie de vivre and passion for his work shines through in many facets, including his enjoyment of smoking. However, don't let his self-adopted moniker of slacker fool you; he is quite productive when he is on the job!

Tim, the Web-Head Hardware Slinger!

Having gone to college for Web development, Tim takes pride in design, layout, and final presentation of whatever project he works on. PHP, MySQL, Python; any free and accessible workspace is where he finds his home. Still eager and learning, Tim's skills come through most is his previous experience of linking hardware and software together, with particular attention paid to the small details. With still a lot to learn, Tim is eager to be a part of this project!

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